Miss. Mathewson

Last year, I attended Brownstown Elementary School. Miss. Mathewson wasn’t my homeroom teacher, but I spent a lot of time with her. I mainly spent a lot of time with her on math help at the end of every school day. She was a friend, a mentor, and a well respected individual, and we even got along so well that we stayed in touch. Also I thought, from a personal perspective, that she was phenomenal with me. I also thought she was a caring, kind, cheerful, steadfast, outstanding, and awesome person!!!


Our dog


I love are dog sparkie! He cuddles with you too. If you pat your lap twice then he will come to you. He will sit and when you say paw he will lift it up then you shake it. He will only do it when he is sitting down. I mean it.



I love my music bullet! It makes music louder. It plugs into your headphone jack. They sell it at Walmart. They also sell egg beats at staples in the checkout line too. SO GO BY AND PICK ONE UP TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!



I was in the bowling league. I got high and low scores. Everyone who likes bowling wants to get the highest score to win.