Memories With My Dad

My Dad John was the owner of Nissley Family Chiropractic. Sadly he passed. He died of bile duct cancer. He got his surgery done at Johns Hopkins, a hospital down in Baltimore, Maryland. Unfortunately they couldn’t save his life but he won the mental battle but lost the physical battle. When he was alive he was a lot of fun!!! While my mom cleaned he took us out to the mall (Park City) every Friday night!!! Also I remember when he took us to the Grand Canyon in PA!!! Also back to the chiropractic topic he ended up working at Family Chiropractic Of Lancaster County. And the best part is that he got Fridays off!!! Also on occasion he took me out to the Waffle House!!! And I sometimes took him out to Subway. One time when my mom and sister were on a trip to England, my Dad and I went to the Franklin Institute!!! What we did there was we went to most of the exhibits. The exhibits we visited were trains, heart (walk through), and the science exhibit. Also on the way out of the museum my dad got me this really cool picture cube of famous paintings!!! Then we found this really good locally owned sub shop in Philadelphia. My dad got a cheese steak and I got an Italian sub. Going to the Franklin Institute was the funnest time I had of my life with my awesome dad!!!