April Newsletter

When I went to school on a Monday, I asked,”How was your weekend?” (Including teachers). They replied,”Good! You?”

Country Curtains…

After a breakfast with my grandparents, I went to Country Curtains and we got some new blinds for my room, my sister’s room, my mom’s room, and our basement. Then after that, I went out to eat at a local Mexican place.


Yesterday I went to Walmart. What I got there were some desktop speakers for my laptop. Then I got a USB hub, but the other item I wanted, an external Bluetooth, they didn’t carry. I don’t know why they wouldn’t but oh well.

My Grandfather’s Birthday…

On Saturday, I went to a birthday breakfast with my grandparents. We ate at Hershey Farms. My grandfather turned 81 on Saturday. I had some sticky buns, a few doughnuts, and peaches! I had a great time there!

I had a great time this month and especially look forward to May 24th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!