Working At Dutch Wonderland!!

I’ve been working for 2 months now, and I love it! Even though it’s a small amusement park for little kids, it’s still fun to work there. I work as a ride operator and it’s hands down the best position! It’s honestly a really easy job. So here’s my routine for a ride called Sky Fighter:

1: I let the kids in (and parents to help buckle them in) while making sure that the kids are no shorter then 30 inches and no taller than 54 inches.

2: I go around checking seatbelts to make sure the kids are safe.

3: I start the ride.

4: I manually raise and lower the ride from my control panel.

5: I keep an eye on the ride to make sure that everyone is safe.

6: When the ride is over, the parents come in and get their children.

7: Repeat!

Here’s a video of me operating Sky Fighter: