Apple Glasses: The AR Revolution

Release Date

Apple Glasses are rumored to be released sometime in late 2022 or early 2023, the next big move for Apple! Apple Glasses could either run on one of two operating systems, Starboard, or glassOS, much like watchOS, iPadOS, etc.

Apple Glasses Cost

According to a credible rumor source, John Prosser, the price of Apple Glasses would be $500. Seems a reasonable price to me, considering all the hi-tech that is put into this through Augmented Reality.

What the Apple Glasses Will Do

The Apple Glasses would display information from your iPhone to your faces such as text messages, photos, emails, maps, and games. There are plans in the works for a dedicated App Store for third-party apps to work with the glasses.

Apple Glasses are even rumored to not require prescription lenses, as special tech inside called optical subassembly, which adjusts the clarity of the image for people with poor eyesight.

Apple Glasses’ patents suggest that the user would have the ability to change out the background instantly, a beam that projects images directly to the user’s eyes, and lastly, allow the user to view parts of the map called Look Around, like Google Maps Street View. This could enable someone to digitally teleport from one part of the world to another part.

Apple Glasses could also help users see better in the dark, thanks to depth sensors that provide a clearer vision of the user’s surroundings. The glasses could also track the user’s finger and hand movements via Apple Rings. This would improve accuracy and the ability to sense what the user is holding. This is useful if they are holding an Apple Pencil, the glasses could translate those writing gestures into handwritten text that appears on the glasses.