Leaked Images of Motorola’s Razr Three Folding Phone Reveal Upgraded Camera

These leaked images of Motorola’s Generation Three Razr series give a first look at the improved cameras and mix of an old and new design. The casing houses two 50MP frame / 1.8 main sensors and a 13MP sensor for zoom-in and ultra-wide views.

The RazrThree also boasts an FHD+ interior folding display and a hole-punch 32MP selfie camera. It’s supposed to come with up to 12GB of RAM and up to 512GB of internal storage.

Differences Between Gen. 3 and Previous Models

The Razr 3 has a design of the first model released in 2019, with some new placements of buttons and small design tweaks. The fingerprint reader moved from the chin, or lip of the first generation Razr, to the back of the second-gen Razr, and is rumored to be integrated into the power button. This third generation of Motorola Razr flip phone may be the flagship phone, hopefully satisfying the customers who purchased it.

At this time, the price is unknown. We can estimate that the price may be around the same as the previous models, which weren’t exactly cheap. The first-generation costs $1,499, while the second generation with 5G costs $1,399. These came with several flaws such as disappointing camera quality, creaky hinge, bulky screen, and the odd placement of the fingerprint scanner.

Credit: https://www.theverge.com/2022/5/8/23062542/motorola-razr-3-leak-upgraded-camera-boxier-design-foldable