Apple WWDC: All About AR

Through the years, Apple has expanded into many markets, like the MacBook and AirPods. These have been big changes for Apple and it seems like they’re running out of ideas. But this isn’t the case, with their newest rumored leap into the world of Augmented Reality or AR.

Apple is also implementing some new software features with the release of iOS 16, such as interactive widgets and a more glanceable iPhone, to keep people from spiraling down a TikTok hole, when all they went to do is check the weather.

Apple has been using AR for years in iPhones such as recognizing text in an image, and the demos it uses to show the internals of its products. One good thing is all of Apple’s devices work seamlessly with each other. This makes it easy for customers to keep everything in sync and have a flawless experience when putting in Airpods, they automatically sync with your iPhone.