History Of Will's Blog


Welcome to history! Here, you can read about how my website came to be with a look at how Will's Blog
got started. I hope you find everything to be of your amusement and pleasure. Thank you for visiting my page of history!


In 2013, after my dad passed, my friend, Job, helped me create a blog on Wordpress. So together we played around
with the new site to see how things worked. I loved blogging at that point. My first post was "Hi". That was it! Not much of a post if you ask me!

How My Site Evolved Over The Years

After two and a half years of being will333rocks.wordpress.com, it evolved into willnissley.com, which it is today. During 2015, I decided
it was time for a change. I wanted a real website, NOT a sub domain. It was hard getting the export file. To transfer the site to my current one,
I bought the domain name, rented out space on a cloud server, and got started.

I started out by posting other people's videos, then I added my own content onto other people's videos.

Creating My Own Original Content

Last year, I started creating my own original content-a video about how to set up a Windstream wireless router.

Before recording the video, I wrote a script of everything that I would say. I then recorded myself reading the script, finally adding video to go with the audio. Doing it this way allowed me to choose my words carefully and avoid stumbleing or wasting time.

Check out my blog posts here.

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